People Discover ‘Real Venom Symbiote’ On Rock

by : Cameron Frew on : 03 Apr 2020 16:27

From the hellish heavens, washed up on a beach in Saint Lucia, it appears the Venom symbiote has arrived on Earth. 

A video has emerged online of an icky black pile of squirming goop. Even after the person in the clip scrapes it with a large knife, it continues to pulsate, steadfastly gripping onto a rock.


It looks immediately familiar. For any comic book fans, you’re thinking one thing: that’s the Venom symbiote. Someone please hide Tom Hardy!

Venom Symbiote On RockVenom Symbiote On Rock@sunnyarkade/Twitter

The short 14-second clip, uploaded by Twitter user @sunnyarkade, has quickly gone viral, amassing more than four million views, 24,000 likes and 7,000 retweets. However, despite such whopping numbers, nobody seems to be 100% sure on what it actually is.

Spider-Man 3 Venom Symbiote GifSpider-Man 3 Venom Symbiote GifSony Pictures

One user, @masteracestick, outlined his very thorough explanation in a series of tweets, which read:

That is called pneumanatic singila symbiotic group. Basically you normally see them that size but sometimes they join each other to make bigger ones. They are very rare to find. They have been known to cover at least 2-3 making them go psycho, hear things, and get controlled.

First off they are very rare and normally seen in cities such as New York or in snowy forests and by the beach. If you want to know about one of the people that were controlled by it, search up Eddie Brock. Scientist have tried recreating it but have failed. There’s also a very great documentary about them called Venom and it was published by Sony.

In the off-chance you’re not aware of the joke, Venom is an iconic Spider-Man foe and anti-hero, transformed from Eddie Brock into said character by an alien symbiote – eerily similar to what you see in this video – which completely takes over his body.

Venom GifVenom GifSony Pictures

On a serious note, people called upon ‘science Twitter’ to solve the mystery. There appears to be somewhat of a consensus: while it’s not gonna give someone superpowers, there are creatures out there that should be very afraid.

A sensible estimation is that it’s a either one or a bunch of bootlace worms (also known as giant ribbon worms). They’re one of the largest known animals in the world, with reports of some growing up to 55 metres in length (but often disguised in a condensed bunch).

When provoked or attacked, they release a high concentration of tetrodotoxin, which is now identified as nemertide α-1 – a disgusting mucus which can paralyse predators like crustaceans. Don’t worry, though: as per Science News, a Uppsala University study found the toxin wasn’t harmful to humans (unless you ate the worms, of course).


Still, wouldn’t catch me picking them up. Yuck.

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