People Have Just Realised Chicago Bulls Logo Looks Like Robot Having Sex With Crab

by : Lucy Connolly on : 19 Sep 2019 13:21
Chicago bulls logo robot crab Chicago bulls logo robot crab MDesaad/Twitter

Imagine creating a world famous logo all the way back in 1966, only to have social media tear it apart more than 50 years later.


That’s exactly what’s happened with the Chicago Bulls logo, which eagle-eyed social media users have realised looks slightly NSFW when turned upside down.

Rather than the angry bull which has become one of the most recognised emblems of all time, when turned upside down the logo instead appears to resemble a robot having sex with a crab.

Chicago bulls logoChicago bulls logoChicago Bulls

I bet graphic designer Dean P. Wessel – the man who designed the logo in 1966 – never anticipated a day when sites such as Reddit even existed, never mind that they would contribute to his hard work becoming somewhat of a laughing stock.


But Reddit does exist, and now so does the robot having sex with a crab theory. Because why not? Reddit user Cvoony took to the site last week to share their thoughts on the matter, simply writing: ‘If you turn the Chicago Bulls’ logo upside down, it looks like a robot f*cking a crab.’

It’s safe to say, people’s minds were blown. So much so, in fact, that the post went viral immediately and has so far received more than 60k upvotes – not an easy feat. The theory then got reposted on Twitter where it went even more viral, attracting nearly 59k retweets and more than 254k likes.

You can check out the post below:

Kinda takes your mind off the home of Michael Jordan.

I mean, it can’t be denied that it does look somewhat… inappropriate. While the majority of people found the entire thing hilarious and said they ‘couldn’t unsee’ the upside down logo, a few innocent bystanders refused to see the sexual nature of the entire thing.

For example, one person said it simply looked like a robot reading a book, while another went one step further and suggested the robot could be ‘reading from the Bible’. So maybe we all just need to get our minds out of the gutter, okay guys?

In the meantime, if there are any graphic designers reading, maybe look at your work upside down if you don’t already, just to prevent any embarrassing gaffes like this happening again.


Sorry Dean, you weren’t to know something like this would happen.

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