People Reveal The Most Impressive Things They’ve Done While Drunk

by : UNILAD on : 28 Nov 2015 17:59

Unless you’re straight edge, everyone’s got a few stories of the crazy shit they’ve done when they’ve been absolutely smashed.


Most of the time this results in bizarre and pointless antics like stealing traffic cones, leaping off high places and hurting ourselves, or just passing out on the bar at the end of the evening.

However, sometimes, when the alcohol levels are just right, we become downright confident and creative, and practically turn into drunken virtuosos.

Now, Reddit users have been kind enough to share their own stories of the most impressive things they’ve done after having one too many.

And they’re pretty damn impressive, to be honest!


First of all, never doubt a drunk man’s ability to hold onto his beer, even while so smashed he can’t actually stay on his feet…

It only takes a whole heap of alcohol to get the creative and DIY juices flowing, apparently…


This is quite creative too, to be fair…

Some people become the drunk professor of their group…


A lot of us have probably experienced passing out in a field after one too many. In the freezing cold, it turns out the infamous “beer jacket” really does do the trick…

How about coming up with a new game using only office equipment?

Sometimes the confidence you get after a few beers can come in very useful indeed…

Just don’t get too confident…

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