People Reveal Their Spookiest Experiences In Chilling Detail


In the UK more than half of us believe in ghosts but let’s be honest there’s usually a pretty logical reason why things go bump in the night, right? 

But just because ghosts aren’t real doesn’t mean that people’s frightening stories of spooky encounters aren’t fascinating and sometimes a bit unsettling.

Reddit users have been sharing their scary paranormal encounters on the subreddit AskReddit and some of them have been downright spine chilling.

Here’s three of the best…

The Mystery Of The Ghostly Bathroom Life Guard…

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27-year-old user Ilunibi explained the time she met a sinister spook while she was in the bath.

She claims when she was a kid having a bath a pretty red-haired lady in a black dress entered the bathroom and started talking to her. The woman complimented her on her toys and was insistent she be careful in the water then disappeared.

Explaining the story to her understandably freaked out mum who was convinced that someone had broken into watch her daughter bathe she refused to believe that she’d just blinked out of existence.

When she told her aunt though she went pale, she’d once seen the woman in the black dress in her room when she was a teenager.

Shh he’s sleeping…

MexiFlo ha a similar run in with a female ghost who appeared to him while he was living with his aunt, uncle, grandmother and little brother.

He claims that one night he woke up suddenly and saw an older woman staring at my brother from the corner of the room. Thinking it was his grandma he called out only to hear her reply from another room.

At this point the woman, who was decidedly not his grandmother, locked eyes with him staring directly at him. Terrified by the woman he began to bang and shout to attract his grandma’s attention.

Unfortunately, as is so often the way with the old, his grandmother was rather immobile and took her time getting to the bedroom.

This seemed to irritate whatever the ghostly mockery of an old woman who without breaking eye contact raised her hand to her lips in a hushing motion, before running a finger across her neck and shaking her head in disappointment.

The figure then vanished as Mexiflo’s grandmother entered the room, classic ghost move.

Warning from Hell?

While running into a ghosts probably never pleasant the unfortunately named user dogfck believes he received a warning from his dead grandma.

After his grandma passed away he claims to have been plagued for months with ‘shit’ in his bedroom.

Most notably the nosie of chains being dragged across what sounded like chains being dragged across a concrete floor.

He claims that you could only hear it in his bedroom, being even a foot outside the room and the noises disappeared. This led to no one wanting to go in his room.

Dogfck, who really needs a better username, thinks they were trying to warn him of things, and thus far, I still need to work on myself.

He added if hell is a real thing he wants no part in it.

Us either…