People Rewrite Song Lyrics In Honour Of David Cameron’s Tax Return

cameron songs FBFlickr/Twitter

It’s not been a great week for David Cameron – he even said as much himself.

On Thursday, the British Prime Minister admitted he profited from his father’s offshore trust after the Panama papers leak, Jimmy Carr threw a bunch of shade at him, reports today suggest he got a £200,000 gift from his mum which may not have been taxed, and hundreds of thousands of people called for him to resign as PM, first online and then in a massive protest outside Downing Street yesterday.

Unfortunately, things are only going from bad to worse for Davey Boy, as social media users everywhere continue to troll the big man relentlessly on Twitter.

Honestly, we didn’t think it could get any better than the response to #PigGate, but this new hashtag definitely runs that one pretty damn close.

Twitter users have been having a great time mocking David Cameron‘s financial arrangements using the hashtag #CameronTaxSongs to creatively demonstrate how the PM has made a complete pig’s ear of this whole tax business.

Here’s a selection of the best Davey Cameron tax-avoidance based tunes:

Obviously, that pig got a cheeky mention or two…

But, of course, not everyone got into the spirit of things…