People Seriously Worried About Jim Carrey After Another Bizarre Interview

Today Extra

An erratic new Jim Carrey interview has led people to make comparisons with Charlie Sheen, who famously once described himself as a ‘warlock’ with ‘tiger blood’.

Much like Charlie, the eccentric 55-year-old comedic actor has put forward some unusual ideas about his own identity, stating, ‘There is no me, no self. Jim Carrey is gone’.

You can watch Jim discuss his new ideas about himself in the following clip:

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Jim went on to explain how ‘Jim Carrey’ never even existed in the first place:

Actually he [Jim Carrey] never existed, and I know that now. So I’m able to take gigantic chances with this thing that people know as Jim Carrey.

The purpose of the interview was for Jim to try and explain his actions during a recent New York Fashion Week interview, where he straight up told reporter Kat Sadler she didn’t exist.

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His explanation was slightly confusing to say the least:

As an actor, you play characters and if you go deep enough into those characters then you realise that your own character is pretty thin to begin with, you know?

And you suddenly have this separation where you go ‘who’s Jim Carrey? Oh he doesn’t exist actually’.

There’s just a relative manifestation of consciousness appearing and then somebody gave him a bunch of ideas, and a name, a religion and a nationality and he clustered those together into somethings that’s supposed to be a personality.

Jim, you may not believe in Jim Carrey but we do and we love your relative manifestation of consciousness.