People Share Their Worst ‘Would You Rathers’ And They’re Tearing Everyone Apart

by : UNILAD on : 19 Apr 2019 15:49
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We have all played Would You Rather at some point in our lives, perhaps at a party or during a long car journey.


A simple game, it can get rather deep, dark or ridiculous and by asking the right questions, you can learn a lot about your friends, family or colleagues.

At UNILAD, when we play Would You Rather it goes down a twisted path very, very quickly, which is you all you need to know about the editorial team.

Employees feel their boss doesn't understand what they do all day.Employees feel their boss doesn't understand what they do all day.Deposit Photos

Over on Reddit, user u/pedittlebb posted the question ‘what is the HARDEST to answer ‘Would You Rather’ that you have heard’ to the r/AskReddit subreddit.


At time of writing (April 19) the post has received 18,500 comments, as users shared their funniest or most difficult questions.

Here are some of our favourites, starting with ‘would you rather be surrounded by people who brag all the time or by people who complain all the time?’

Being someone who has been told before they ‘complain all the time’, I’d have to opt for the latter option because relatability.

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‘Would you rather have everyone twice your age and older talk like an adult from Charlie Brown, or everyone half your age and younger talk like a minion’ is another popular question on the thread.

Admittedly before I googled his name, I had no idea who ‘Charlie Brown’ is (I thought it was a dance move) so that question went straight over my head.

Oh it is tough being 24 years old…


One person put ‘would you rather keep scrolling reddit or save your job’, hilariously adding ‘my boss asked while standing behind me’.

The question ‘get stuck at all red lights in traffic, or have incredibly slow internet (dial up slow) after dark’ is a pretty easy one to answer… who wouldn’t pick the traffic lights?

I mean, let’s be honest, we all spend wayyyyyyy too much time on the internet to pick the latter option.

My personal favourite question though was asked by u/RVelts who wrote:

All songs exist but they are all performed by Pitbull, or only one Pitbull song exists but it’s performed by every artist with their own cover interpretation?

To answer this, all I have to do is point you to the fantastically cheesy cover version of Toto’s Africa Pitbull recorded with Rhea for the Aquaman soundtrack.

It’s a work of art in its own special way…

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  1. pedittlebb/Reddit

    What is the HARDEST to answer "Would You Rather" that you have heard?