Kylie Jenner Wore No Pants And Newspapers Couldn’t Handle It


Kylie Jenner can’t take a breath without someone sexualising the rise and fall of her chest.

In a recent almost news story, the Daily Mail, pride of British journalism, published an article all about Kylie Jenner’s ‘eye-watering… ample cleavage’.

The rag – a description befitting the newspaper on more than one level – wrote an 800 word soliloquy resembling something from the pages of a creepy erotic novel about Jenner’s latest photo shoot.

The Daily Mail reporter wrote:

The 19-year-old reality star appeared in an eye-watering white bustier, which put her ample cleavage on full display.

While the front panel was made of solid material, the lower skirt portion was mostly sheer, which seemed to reveal that the youngest Jenner had opted to forgo underwear for the shoot.

Her blonde tresses were messily parted on the right, and fell to just above her shoulders.

The creepily voyeuristic observer either has an overactive imagination or x-ray vision that can see through the semi-opaque dress.

While Jenner’s career thrives off the media attention, articles like these give people a platform and an excuse to objectify women’s bodies, and fuel the fire of misogyny in the press.

So of course, the keyboard warriors and sidebar of shame lurkers came out in force, sharing some pretty vile views.

kylie-jenner-no-underwear-comment1Daily Mail
kylie-jenner-no-underwear-comment2Daily Mail
kylie-jenner-no-underwear-comment3Daily Mail
kylie-jenner-no-underwear-comment4Daily Mail

Meanwhile, the self-titled ‘baby boss‘ is laughing all the way to the bank as the Daily Mail play right into the beauty entrepreneur’s hands.

After recent well-documented events in Paris, the Kardashian protige’s big sister Kim will be taking a break from social media.

So expect to see much more tripe in the Daily Mail about Kylie – the rag has to get clicks somehow and god forbid they actually write stories that praise women in the public eye for anything other than their appearance.