People Think They Have Discovered Donald Trump’s Albino Doppelganger

by : Julia Banim on : 17 Jun 2021 19:53
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People believe they have discovered Donald Trump’s albino doppelganger, working many thousands of miles away from Mar-a-Lago.

The doppelganger in question does not appear to be in any way associated with the world of politics –working as an ice-cream seller in the city of Sahiwal, Pakistan.


The ice-cream seller, whose name is Saleem, recently went viral after footage of him singing beautifully about the deliciousness of his traditional ice cream popped up on social media. Although Saleem does indeed have a fantastic voice, this wasn’t the first thing people noticed about him…

Check it out below:


Many of those who’ve seen the vid have been left dumbfounded by the striking resemblance between Saleem and former president Trump, from the distinctive facial features to the shock of bright hair.

But it isn’t just his physical appearance. Saleem also appears to channel the spirit of Trump in many other ways, with his exaggerated hand gestures and sense of showmanship.

One person commented:

Donald Trump after losing the election.


Another said:

Donald Trump is the evil twin.

Donald Trump in front of American flag (PA Images)PA Images

Speaking about his newfound viral fame with SAMAA TV earlier this week, Saleem, who is understood to be in his mid-40s, revealed that he began honing his vocal talents after his father advised him to shout louder while out ice cream selling.


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20-year-old Haris Ali, who lives in Sahiwal, told VICE News that he grew up hearing Saleem singing as he pushed his cart through the neighbourhood.

Ever since the former president visited Pakistan back in 2017, Haris and other locals began referring to Saleem as Donald Trump. Thankfully, he doesn’t seem to mind too much and the uncanny resemblance has apparently helped to drum up trade.

Haris, who has known the likeable ice-cream seller since childhood, says that Saleem is quite happy to be called Trump, despite the businessman turned politician being quite a divisive figure in Pakistan.

Haris told VICE News:


We find him [Trump] funny, so even Saleem enjoys being called Trump.

Albinism is a lifelong condition that affects the production of melanin, the pigment that colours a person’s skin, hair and eyes.

Haris told VICE News that, although Saleem does face various challenges in life as an albino, ‘his beautiful voice and resemblance to Trump have made him a local attraction.’

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