People Want YouTube To Ban JayStation After He Allegedly Faked His Girlfriend’s Death

by : Cameron Frew on : 24 Jan 2020 16:05
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Here’s your next delicious conspiracy theory: did JayStation fake his girlfriend’s death? 

I’ll address your first question: who is JayStation? He’s a relatively popular YouTuber with more than 5.4 million subscribers. His content usually focuses on scary happenings and daft challenges, like being buried alive, sneaking into places and playing with voodoo dolls.


He’s also part of another channel with his girlfriend, Alexia, called Dream Team. Or, he was, until four days ago, when she died in a drunk driving accident. Or did she?

On January 21, the YouTuber – real name Jason Ethier – uploaded a video titled: ‘My Girlfriend Alexia Died… *Rest In Paradise*’.

In the video, while distinctly not shedding any tears, he explains:


I never wanted to make a video like this ever, but last night, we lost Alexia to a drunk driver, guys. She was on the way to pick up something for the video we were making on our second channel, Dream Team. She got hit, guys. She’s gone. Sorry for crying. I know you guys are going to make fun of me for crying. She’s gone too soon.

Tragic, indeed. It’s so sad in fact, that Jason wants to pay tribute in the best way possible. Throughout the video, he talks about the Dream Team channel and how he’d still post the five videos they made together but hadn’t uploaded (one of which was shortly posted after the death announcement).

That channel has around 322,000 subscribers. Prior to Alexia’s death, she had one wish: for the channel to reach one million.


In a later video, JayStation visits a roadside memorial (allegedly placed there by Alexia’s parents) to say his final goodbyes, while still promoting the Dream Team channel. He says: ‘Alexia, these roses are for you. We’re going to miss you.’

It’s worth noting that both videos are monetised also, and feature clickable merchandise links at the bottom of each.

Fellow YouTuber SomeOrdinaryGamers did some digging. After noticing some glaring plot-holes in JayStation’s story, he decided to try and find out once and for all if Alexia was dead.


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After some basic online sleuthing told him that she would have died somewhere along the Queen Elizabeth Way, running through and past Toronto, Mississauga and Etobicoke. The YouTuber contacted the relevant police authorities in those areas to ask if there were any reports of Alexia’s death – the resounding answer was no.

People on Twitter have been echoing calls for his account to be banned. One user wrote: ‘@YouTube When are you going to remove scums like ImJaystation from the platform? Profiting off the death of celebrity’s and mocking them. Now you have him faking his girlfriends death for clicks?? Please remove this dude, like tf is wrong with him.’


Another tweeted: ‘Honestly this is just painful. The amount of kids being gullible and manipulated by him is sad. Honestly disgusting. Not only did he do it once but twice. What a fucking joke. #banjaystation.’

Official statement, news reports and police reports have yet to be released regarding Alexia’s alleged death.

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