Woman Gets Perfect Revenge On Ex Who Tried To Blackmail Her After She Wet Herself

Woman Gets Perfect Revenge On Ex Who Tried To Blackmail Her After She Wet HerselfKallieLeigh/Twitter

When one woman was threatened with blackmail by a vicious ex, she took away his leverage in the most perfect way.

Meet Kallie Berry; blackmail buster and beer-drinker. While she was dating a guy a month and a half ago, she happened to have one too many beers and wet herself.

Fast forward a month or so and the couple are no longer together. But this man, who missed the common decency class at school, decided to blackmail Kallie with this informative little anecdote.

group of people drinking beerPixabay

But, Kallie has had it up to here with his – criminal – intentions and decided to take matters into her own hands.

She took to Twitter to confess in an empowering statement which went like this:

I drank too much beer like a month and a half ago and peed myself. I’m tired of my ex blackmailing me with it so now everyone knows.

Of course, it quickly went viral:

Kallie’s admission – rather than bringing shame or damaging her reputation, as her ex had presumably hoped – instead sparked an outpouring from other people who had pee’d their pants.

One tweeter, Coryelle Thomas, wrote:

Hey, it’s not like she’s the only person in the world who’s had a few too many and lost control.

Unfortunately, it was bladder control.

But she’s probably not alone. Just take a look at these drunk fails:

Kallie continued:

I know so many ppl [sic] that have done this but apparently I’m ‘crazy’ for doing it.

He knows it embarrasses me and that’s why he tries to exploit me with it.

At least I have an excuse for doing dumb stuff.

Break-ups are tough, for sure:

But nothing – absolutely nothing – should excuse someone for blackmailing their former beau. Moral of the story; you should never dry your ex’s dirty laundry out in public.

It’s a life lesson one woman must’ve missed in General Studies, after she was caught drying her knickers in full view of her fellow plane passengers using an on-board air vent.

Just watch this strange scene:

The unnamed airline passenger was caught on camera drying some underwear using an overhead air vent on a flight to Moscow from Antalya, Turkey.

Fellow passengers said she’d not seemed to be at all embarrassed while drying her underwear on the Ural Airlines flight, and spent at least 20 minutes holding them up above her head.

One eyewitness said passengers on the flight had been shocked by the whole thing but remained silent after spotting her ‘unusual behaviour‘.

Woman drying underwear on planeCEN

Others on social media defended the woman, with one person suggesting the pants may have belonged to a child.

The woman, posting under the name Alexandra, commented:

Those [pants] aren’t an adult’s. Looks like they belong to a kid.

Another seemed to think the odd scene was ‘not the worst thing in the modern world’.

woman drying pants on planeCEN

And somebody else noted how perhaps she’d had ‘an accident’, commenting: ‘Maybe the take off was sort of extreme, so now she has to dry those.’

UNILAD contacted Kallie for comment.

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