PETA Puts Billboard Outside Seafood Restaurant, Their Response Was Brutal

by : Emily Brown on : 08 Jan 2019 12:28
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PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals), put up a billboard outside a seafood restaurant and the eatery didn’t hold back with their response. 

Jimmy’s Famous Seafood restaurant is based in Baltimore, Maryland, US, and as you can probably guess from the name, it specialises in seafood.


Their Twitter account claims they have the ‘authority on crab cakes and steamed crabs’ in Maryland, and let me tell you now, the restaurant, or at least whoever is in charge of their social media, does not like to be challenged on its menu.

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Double tap if you’re a crab lover.

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Eating less meat is said to be the best way to save the planet from imminent disaster, so it’s important we all consider cutting down on the amount we consume.

So while promotions for going vegan are a good thing, Jimmy’s Famous Seafood were outraged when a PETA advert appeared right outside their restaurant.


The billboard appeared to be aimed directly at the restaurant and its customers, showing a picture of a crab along with the words:

I’m Me, not Meat. See the individual. Go vegan.


Although we should probably all obey the advert, it obviously wouldn’t be good for business at Jimmy’s, so the restaurant retaliated with a brutal response.


The words in the tweet could be deemed simply a polite greeting by themselves, but when combined with the image, they immediately turn sarcastic and savage.

Take a look at their response:

I imagine the restaurant made a lot of enemies after that, but they weren’t finished just yet…


Jimmy’s went on to call out PETA for their contradictory stance on controversial subjects, writing:

@peta logic…

Believe all kitty colonies (which they call ferals even though 90% are former pets who’ve been dumped) & pit bulls should be euthanized. [sic]

Run 1 shelter in VA with a kill rate over 90%. [sic]

But eating crabs is evil.


The restaurant later implied they were ready to take the battle away from Twitter and into the real world, as they shared a picture of a PETA building, writing: 


Come outside and show your face @peta.

The company even erected a billboard of their own, which served to simultaneously mock PETA’s advert, while also promoting one of the crab dishes on offer at the restaurant.

Drawing on PETA’s ‘I’m Me, not Meat’ phrase, the billboard read ‘SteaMEd crabs. Here to stay. Get Famous’:

PETA responded to the backlash with a statement which read:

If PETA’s billboard encouraged even one Baltimorean to view these complex crustaceans as individuals and go vegan, then it worked like a charm in our eyes.

Jimmy’s first responded to the billboard in August last year, but as we start 2019, the restaurant shows no sign of letting PETA forget the situation, continuing to call them out.

On Friday (January 4) they shared a news clip from Fox, writing:

Remember that time the boss exposed @peta on @FoxNews & defended our industry? Good times…

I don’t think this is an argument which’ll be resolved any time soon…

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