PewDiePie Calls Jake Paul’s Latest Money-Making Venture ‘Complete Bullsh*t’

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PewDiePie Calls Jake Paul's Latest Money-Making Venture 'Complete Bullsh*t'PewDiePie/YouTube

YouTuber PewDiePie has called out Jake Paul on the release of his ‘Financial Freedom Movement’ that supposedly helps young people.

After his recent break from YouTube, PewDiePie has come back fighting – and is giving fellow YouTuber Jake Paul a run for his money.


At the beginning of his latest video, PewDiePie says he wants to see what Jake Paul has been up to, the calls him a ‘little snake’.

Jake PaulNiamh Shackleton

The video then shows the 30-year-old watching Paul’s advert for his ‘Financial Freedom Movement’. PewDiePie even signs up to it himself to further scrutinise the website.

Paul’s website costs $20 a month for access to videos, where Jake will teach you about things like credit, jobs and loans, as well as content about having ‘brains and hustle’…


On February 16, Paul tweeted:

if you wanna start learning real life skills that the education system doesn’t teach you Im creating a movement

[…] why are you sitting in school learning the quadratic formula and not learning how to actually make money? [sic]

I mean, fair enough if Paul set up a movement free of charge to help people, but the guy is trying to get these subscribers (who probably can’t afford it) to pay $20 a month, while at the same time trying to teach them about ‘financial freedom’? Seems a tad counter-intuitive…


Calling him out on his money making scheme, PewDiePie, real name Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellber, says the 23-year-old is only passionate about money.

As he says:

It’s so disingenuous to put forth that this is what you are passionate about when, in reality, the only thing Jake Paul has shown himself to be passionate about is making money.

Jake Paul is the kind of celebrity that doesn’t have any real value. All they do is project this image of wealth and now he’s monetising that to get more money. He’s stuck in this loop. You can replace Jake Paul with anything or anyone, and it wouldn’t make a difference.

You can watch his full thing here:


PewDiePie also makes the point that there is plenty of free content and videos online giving people financial advice, all of which probably have some ‘legitimacy and weight to them’ compared to Paul.

However, he does go on to say how he agrees with Paul’s point on the education system being outdated, but adds: ‘What the f*ck is Jake Paul going to teach you about this?’

I take it PewDiePie won’t be signing up for a second month’s subscription then?


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    PewDiePie rips Jake Paul, calls his money-making venture ‘complete bullsh*t’

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