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by : Julia Banim on : 25 Jun 2018 18:51
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Whether you’re a fan or not, Kim Kardashian-West is undoubtedly one of the most instantly recognisable women on the planet.

Her distinctive features, glossy waterfall of hair and full figure have shaped the beauty standards to which modern women are expected to aspire towards.


From our lips to our bottoms, we all have Kim K and Co. to thank for our contouring obsession and curve hugging body-con dresses. And, of course, the social acceptability of wearing sheer tops over nipple pasties.

Indeed, her love of neutral, softened shades has brought us Millennial Pink, which has since leaked into everything from kitchenware to cakes to wedding favours.

Like it or not, the world – or at least your favourite high street boutique – is Kim’s colouring book.


It’s therefore sometimes difficult to remember how 37-year-old Kim was once a virtually unknown – if still exceedingly privileged – teenager.

A teenager with the sort of skinny, overly-plucked ‘Drew Barrymore’ brows which were the height of high school popular girl sophistication circa 1997.

Recall for yourself the exponential rise of the Kardashian/Jenner clan below:


Momager Kris Jenner is always ready to cheer on her famous brood with their various personal and business endeavours.

Whether they’re launching a fragrance or a baby name, she’s always there to share just how proud she is of her endlessly Instagrammable – and rapidly expanding – dynasty.

And she’s particularly keen on sharing a fun throwback pic of when her offspring were still blissfully unaware of the concept of a social media following.

One particular pic caused quite a fuss, showing a young Kris with baby Kylie, toddler Kendall and a teenage Kim. As per with this family, the internet was well and truly broken:


One person gasped:

Kim was literally a whole different person.

Another person chuckled:


Hahahaha i didn’t recognize Kimmy that fast.

However, others were far more preoccupied with the agelessness of Kris who – at 62-years-old – does not appear to have aged a day.

One person exclaimed:

OMG seriously it looks like Kris Jenner just got younger.

Another enthused:

You’re as beautiful today as you were back then… and strong as ever!

Despite more than a few jokes about Kim’s dated eyebrows and shiny eyeshadow, all fans agreed she looked as beautiful as ever, and loved this sweet insight into her pre-fame life.

Referring to the most famous (arguably) of the Kardashian sisters, one person said:

You’re so much more beautiful natural.

Another complimented:

You were a beautiful girl and are a beautiful woman now.

Kim has faced off many accusations of plastic surgery throughout her time in the spotlight.

The fashion icon has denied having had a nose job, after some fans reportedly noticed how her nose appeared to be smaller than it used to be.

Back in 2016, she admitted to getting bum injections. However, this procedure was apparently used as a psoriasis treatment rather than for the purpose of enhancing her bodacious behind.

Kim has confessed to aiding her youthful appearance with botox. She’s also used non-invasive body shaping procedures as a means of slimming her stomach, hips, and thighs.

Do you think Kim has changed?

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