Pieces Of A ‘UFO’ Have Been Falling From The Sky In Remote Cambodian Village

by : UNILAD on : 05 Nov 2018 20:55
Metal in CambodiaMetal in CambodiaViral Press

Residents in a remote village in Cambodia were woken up to something truly peculiar: pieces of metal which had fallen from the sky.


As someone who will feel a raindrop and go, ‘What. The. F*ck. Is. That?’ I can only imagine what it must be like to see chunks of solid metal dropping out of the sky all around you.

Naturally, because metal never falls out of the sky, people have drawn their own conclusions about the disturbance. It’s apparently aliens.

Residents of Preah Vihear Province said they heard a huge sound around 6am, only to run out and discover heaps of aluminium weighing more than 88 pounds.


The objects had hit homes and the surrounding area, causing damage across a 6.2 mile radius. Thankfully, no one was injured.

‘I heard a big noise in the morning. I was shocked and thought something bad had happened,’ villager Sok Nol told IFLScience. ‘When I went to look there was one big piece in a field and other smaller pieces around. We thought an airplane had crashed but there was no big engine.’

Yin Chamnan, police chief of the village, confirmed rubble had been found in the village, and how police have not been able to locate where the pieces had come from. Specialists are now said to be working on the case.

Metal in CambodiaMetal in CambodiaViral Press

He said:

We have found more than 17 fallen fragments of aluminum and rubber. But, we are continuing the search and are collecting further information from the people at the scene.

It has some thinking something out-of-this-world could be responsible. Now I think that it has come from space and landed in our village. It’s confusing because nobody knows what it is.

However, Chamnan believes the ‘fragments are parts of a drone that someone flew. The parts were not relatively big.’

Whatever it is, it’s bizarre. Manchester’s ropey enough as it is tonight with all the fireworks. The last thing I need on my walk home is metal falling out of the sky.


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