Piers Morgan’s Slamming Of Lockdown Lifting Branded ‘Insane’ By His Own Son

by : Julia Banim on : 06 Jul 2021 08:26
Piers Morgan's Slamming Of Lockdown Lifting Branded 'Insane' By His Own SonPA/@spencermorgan/Instagram

Piers Morgan and his son have shown very different attitudes towards the impending lifting of lockdown restrictions.

While Piers, 56, has expressed concern over restrictions being lifted amid a worrying rise in new variants, Spencer Morgan, 27, has taken a different stance entirely.


Having apparently inherited his father’s outspoken streak, Spencer has repeatedly railed against restrictions on social media, once writing, ‘this life is literally not worth living and zero COVID is a complete fantasy’.

Following Prime Minister Boris Johnson‘s recent address to the nation, Piers remarked that he doesn’t believe restrictions should be relaxed until the current wave has peaked and hospitalisation figures ‘are coming down fast not going up fast’, adding:

I prefer the relative freedom we have now to another full lockdown in the autumn because we were too impatient.


Piers later tweeted in frustration about those keen to stop all restrictions despite the risks, writing:

Can you imagine Twitter half way through WW2? ‘I’m f*cking done with Hitler and the Nazis impinging on my liberty, so let’s stop f*cking fighting them right now and pretend they’re not there any more. I want my f*cking freedom back!’

A few hours later, son Spencer came forward to blast anyone who disagrees with the relaxing of restrictions as ‘insane’. Although he didn’t name his father directly, it’s clear what he thinks of his views on this issue.


Sharing a video of Johnson’s latest address, Spencer tweeted:

If you disagree with a word of this right here there is only one explanation… you are insane.

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This difference in opinion comes after the PM confirmed he planned to scrap the majority of the remaining coronavirus restrictions in England from July 19 onwards.

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