Pilot Draws Raised Fist Over Canada Using Plane As Tribute To George Floyd

by : Emily Brown on : 06 Jun 2020 18:28
Pilot Draws Raised Fist Over Canada Using Plane As Tribute To George Floyd Flight Aware/Twitter/Dimitri Neonakis/Twitter

A pilot has been praised for his incredible tribute to George Floyd, which saw him draw the shape of a raised fist in the air using his plane. 

Dimitri Neonakis took to the skies over Nova Scotia, Canada on Thursday, June 4, to honour Floyd and to show his support for the Black Lives Matter movement, which condemns racism and the unjust treatment of black people by law enforcement.


Neonakis mapped his route on an app before taking himself into the air and following his flight plan to create the shape of a closed fist.

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Black Lives Matter protests have broken out across the US following the death of Floyd, though Neonakis pointed out: ‘There are no borders when it comes to racism.’

Speaking to CNN about the tribute, the pilot said he chose to draw a fist because it is a symbol of the movement against racism.


He commented:

We all have to speak out and we have to end it.

It took Neonakis two and a half hours, flying at 150 miles per hour, to complete the emotive image.


The website Flight Aware tracked Neonakis during his flight and documented the final image after he touched down.

See the route Neonakis took here:

The pilot said the decision to create the fist was not to do with politics for him, but stressed he used it simply as a way to express his own feelings.


He explained:

I feel the need to speak out and my way is in the air. Even though no one is going to see it, it makes me feel good… I know it’s for them, the people oppressed over the years.

A number of social media users have praised Neonakis for his powerful tribute, with his drawing receiving thousands of likes and shares on Twitter.

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