Police Chief Claims Obama’s Birth Certificate Is A Fake

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This is probably one of the most bizarre theories out there but apparently it’s true – Barack Obama’s birth certificate has been slammed as a fake. 

The five-years-in-the-making investigation finally reached its almighty conclusion yesterday afternoon, according to USA Today.


County Sheriff of Maricopa, Joe Arpaio, has been obsessing over this bizarre allegation for years and presented his discovery yesterday in front of 40 vaguely interested journalists.

The sheriff, accompanied by his aides, unveiled a presentation which included their ‘nine points of forgery’ surrounding the former president’s birth documentation, focusing in particular on the angles of stamp dates, typed letters and words. In an even more surreal twist, the sheriff claimed the 44th President’s birth certificate from 1961, is actually information copied and pasted, bizarrely, from that of a Hawaiian woman.

A member of the absurd clan, Mike Zullo was absolutely adamant the birth certificate had been forged but was quick to clarify the investigation was not in any way ‘political’, they just wanted to ‘clear’ the ex-President.


Clear of what exactly? He didn’t say… but surely suggesting the former US president had faked his birth certificate, or someone had faked it for him, is not going to clear him at all.

Of course, Trump is not too far from the action, playing a key figurehead in the movement to prove Obama was not a ‘natural-born American citizen.’

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The aim of the game was to prove Obama’s nationality as a lie and deem him ineligible for his presidential role.


Sadly, many followers of the campaign believed the whole thing was racist and eventually Obama produced his birth certificate five years ago.

Trump finally announced he was abandoning the bizarre saga in September to which Obama provided the sassiest of responses.


I don’t know about you guys, but I am so relieved that the whole birther thing is over. I mean, ISIL, North Korea, poverty, climate change — none of those things weighed on my mind like the validity of my birth certificate.

The sheriff however, was not put off by Obama producing actual proof, i.e. his legitimate birth certificate and lead a group of retired volunteers to look into the crazy case. To prove their rather far-fetched theory, Zullo took a trip to Hawaii to do some first hand investigating, which lead him strangely to a 95-year-old-woman who supposedly wrote the coding on the certificate.

Stranger still, she apparently told a fake reporter the numbers on the certificate were not in keeping with Obama’s place and time of birth.

Flikr/Marc Nozell

The whole thing is too strange for words.

Who knows what the truth of the matter is but I should think Obama is too busy to respond.

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