Police Officer Sacked After Posting This Erotic Dance Video



A Russian police officer has been sacked after she posted a video of herself doing an erotic dance on a private Facebook group.

Kristina, 26, plied her trade for the Moscow Metro police, before her superiors came across the raunchy vid, the Daily Mail reports.

In the short clip, she begins by saying to the camera: “Hi colleagues, I have decided to create a trade union, now watch me dancing.”


She stands back from the camera and starts to shake her thang, gyrating and staring into the camera before she blows a kiss.

It’s believed the images were filmed in her apartment, with many suggesting that she’s either drunk or high on drugs.

After the video was shared online she was fired by her commanding officers. This is when Kristina got angry.


Posting on her Facebook account, she said: 

I was fired because of a violation of discipline. I posted the video in a private community on Facebook, all community members were police officers. There is nothing vulgar in the video.

Kristina is now reportedly going to file a complaint at the prosecutor’s office and try and take this matter to the courts in a bid to get her job back.

She denies being on drugs during the video and has even gone through tests to prove there were no illegal substances present in her blood.

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Still probably wasn’t the best idea in the world…