Pornhub Reveals ‘Alien’ Was The Second Most Searched Term In 2019

by : Julia Banim on : 12 Dec 2019 17:38
Pornhub Reveal 'Alien' Was The Second Most Searched Term In 2019Area 51/Facebook/pornhub/Instagram

The end of the year is nigh, and it’s time to reflect upon 2019 as a whole; casting an misty eye over what we’ve achieved, who we’ve met and erm, what we’ve fapped to.

Yep. Pornhub have revealed their annual Year in Review for the seventh year in a row, detailing the searches, trends and demographics that make up the internet’s collective horniness.


Somewhat interestingly, the second most searched for term on Pornhub this year was ‘alien’; very much in keeping with a year where extra terrestrial life became somewhat of a global obsession.

Alien PornPornhub

After months of anticipation, alien enthusiasts finally stormed Area 51 on September 20, albeit with far fewer numbers than the Facebook event page promised.

This half-hearted attempt to storm the high security government facility may have fizzled out. However – in bedrooms across the planet – there is clearly still the desire to get friendly with aliens.


According to statistics from Pornhub, the top x-rated search this year was ‘amateur’, with ‘alien’ zooming behind in second place.

These cheeky searches were followed by POV, Belle Delphine, Cosplay, Mature, Bisexual, Apex Legends, ASMR and Femdom.

Alien PornPornhub

Dr. Laurie Betito from the Sexual Wellness Center told PornHub:


People are searching for out of the box porn with searches like Cosplay and ASMR. The interest in Cosplay indicates the desire for all kinds of fantasy play.

It’s not just about the sex — the costumes play a big role in stimulating the brain, taking people out of the ordinary. It’s the same for ASMR which is all about the sensorial experience. People want to be transported to another state of mind, not just by images, but also sounds.

According to a Pornhub article titled Alien Insights – penned in July – searches for ‘Area 51’ have escalated from zero up to 160,000 in just four days following July 12, when alien enthusiasm was reaching fever pitch. July 16 alone saw almost 59,000 searches.

The number of ‘alien’ searches soared by +217% on July 2 – as Area 51 memes spread throughout the galaxy – rising once again by +199% on July 15. The 20 most popular alien related searches on Pornhub is topped by ‘alien impregnation’, followed by ‘alien sex’ and ‘alien hentai’.

Interestingly, alien porn is 33% more popular with women than with men, while those within the 18 to 24 age group group being 67% more likely to seek themselves some naughty space adventure.

Alien PornPornhub

I wonder if, somewhere light-years away, there is an alien porn site where ‘humans’ has made the top spot? That would be kind of sweet I guess…

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