Prankster ‘Jedi’ Uses The Force To Freak Fast Food Customers The Hell Out


Starwars prank 2

Some genius pranksters in the US have set up a hot dog stand to convince customers that a man has mastered the force and now commands Jedi powers.

The fiendish prankster gets his team to rig the area so that he can fake moving stuff in the stand with his mind while dressed as a typical Jedi.

The video begins with the Jedi attempting to use his powers for evil. He tries to convince the hot dog vendor that he should give him some food for free, fortunately it doesn’t work so he may not be destined for the dark side just yet.

Afterwards he asks the clueless customers at the hot dog stand to pass him the ketchup our Jedi, telekinetically pulls the sauce bottle towards him surprising everyone watching.

It seems though that our Jedi in training hasn’t quite mastered the force as he knocks down stools and pulls decorations off the walls.

Starwars prank 1MagicofRahat

The unfortunate victims of the prank are understandably freaked out and most stare in disbelief despite the prankster trying to calm them down by telling them, ‘girls love this stuff’.

The funniest reaction though is the girl who simply runs off rather than deal with the mysterious goings on.

The prank was played by a YouTuber called MagicofRahat who’s got a load of hysterical magical pranks on his channel.

Using the force for pranks, that’s got to be the first step to the darkside though.