Pregnant Woman Threatens To Abort Child Unless She Gets 4,000 Retweets

by : Julia Banim on : 29 Aug 2017 14:33

In what’s surely the grossest use of Twitter ever, a pregnant woman has blackmailed her followers into retweeting a selfie, claiming she would have an abortion if she didn’t get 4,000 of them.


The selfie shows the unnamed young woman, who gives her location as ‘hell’, posing before a mirror – the small swell of her pregnant belly is just visible under her long black and white dress.

The controversial tweet in question gives the following sick threat:

4 months pregnant. 4k RTs & I won’t abort it.


Things got more complicated when the dad of the unborn child discovered the tweet and was understandably pretty pissed off.

Apparently, it was the first time he’d found out the baby was his:

The couple appear to have a very unusual and turbulent relationship history.

He goes on to accuse her of telling people he’d died.

‘King Nathan’ also claims she sold his dog for tickets to a Lil’ Pump concert – WTF:

Hundreds of followers watched the Twitter soap opera unfold with a mixture of horror and cynicism.


Some people are convinced the woman is a very disturbed person who shouldn’t be allowed within ten feet of a baby:

Others are slightly more sceptical, suggesting she could simply be an attention seeking troll with a dark sense of humour:

The post now has been shared over 11,000 times, way over the demanded 4,000.


If we’re to believe this is real, a woman who weighed her baby’s very existence against retweets could be welcoming home a newborn in just five short months.

Let’s hope this was all just a massively inappropriate ‘joke’…

Julia Banim

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