Princess Charlotte Makes Cheeky Comment To Photographers At Brother’s Christening

Princess CharlotteGetty

Princess Charlotte put photographers in their place as she left her brother’s christening on Monday, (July 9). 

Prince Louis’ christening was yesterday (July 9), and photographers gathered outside the venue, desperate to get their winning shot.

The christening was held at the Royal Chapel at St James’s Palace, and Charlotte left the christening holding hands with her father, Prince William.

The princess had proved her manners earlier in the day, as she gave a handshake to the Archbishop of Canterbury, but later had either had enough of being polite, or simply wanted to make sure the photographers knew where they stood, when she left the venue to go to Clarence House.

She cheekily told the photographers:

You’re not coming.

All credit to her, it must be annoying to have cameras following you everywhere you go.

Prince William, while seemingly too polite to say anything, appeared to agree with his daughter’s clarification, giving a smirk in their direction. It was either that or he was slightly embarrassed, only he will know.

The afternoon tea guests included the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, as well as Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall.

The Queen and Prince Philip couldn’t make it to the christening; the Queen’s schedule is filled this week with celebrations for the centenary of the RAF and President Donald Trump’s much anticipated ( I’d say dreaded) visit to Windsor later this week. God save The Queen.

Following a christening tradition, guests at the afternoon tea ate slices of cake from William and Kate’s eight tier wedding cake.

Charlotte might have been more willing to share with the photographers if she knew the cake was 7-year-old fruit cake – I know my 3-year-old self wouldn’t have been too impressed with that delicacy.

3-year-old Charlotte is known for enjoying the spotlight, often giving cameras a wave.

People loved the princess’ confidence in front of the photographers, praising the little girl on Twitter.

One wrote:

WHO RUN THE WORLD?! Princess Charlotte obv [sic]

While another person said:

Princess Charlotte walked past photographers on the way to the christening and told them “you’re not coming” the sass is strong in this one [sic]

The birth of Prince Louis marked the first time the birth of a boy would not affect a female’s place in the line for the throne.

As the Succession to the Crown Act of 2013 states, male heirs no longer take precedence over female ones.

Although she’s only three-years-years old, I have a sneaking suspicion Princess Charlotte knows she’ll beat her younger brother to the throne, her confidence at his christening serving to remind everyone of her status.

The christening was the first time all three of Will and Kate’s children were seen together with their parents, and while it was technically Louis’ day, Princess Charlotte definitely left her mark.

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