Prisoner Wows The Internet After Starting Cooking Show From His Cell

by : Daniel Richardson on : 24 Jun 2021 16:33
Prisoner Wows The Internet After Starting Cooking Show From His Cellmrinnocent72x0/TikTok

A prisoner is amazing the internet with videos of him cooking dishes from inside his jail cell. 

Jeron Combs has been in prison since he was 18 on charges of first-degree murder and attempted murder. Despite facing a 70-year sentence, the 31-year-old has taken to cooking from his cell and quickly gained the attention of TikTok users.


Combs, known as @mrinnocent72x0 on TikTok, has gone viral with his videos, which show him using a broken hotplate and his metal bed to cook.

Check out Combs’ cooking:


Combs explained that he ‘decided to cook because it’s better than what they feed us. We get food packages from the canteen, so we can order packaged food in’. While the reasoning behind the cooking is simple enough, the way he cooks is ingenious.


The prisoner told the Daily Mail how he created a makeshift oven:

I broke a hot pot down and took the plate out of it and sanded my bunk down to the metal to cook from it.

Combs continued, ‘I cook burritos, tacos, quesadillas, rice bowls, stir fry, burgers, tostadas and bacon, but burritos are my favourite because I been cooking them for so long. I make food for my cellmate and some friends at times for special occasions. I have a passion for cooking. I have been in jail since 18 and this is where I learned all my cooking from.’

The viral TikTok chef stated that he can only use prepackaged food because of prison regulation. Nonetheless, he noted that, ‘I make the best of all the ingredients that I have, and if I don’t have what I need I just get it from a friend, and we compile all our food together and make it work.’

Cake (mrinnocent72x0/TikTok)mrinnocent72x0/TikTok

People have been amazed by Combs’ skills, and the viral creator has said that he hopes his videos give insight into life in prison.

Speaking about the impact he wants to have, Combs noted:

I don’t want people to look down on us because of the mistakes we made and see that jail is a different place for some people.

Some people think that it’s all about violence and what they hear or see on TV, but it’s so much more to what people don’t see. I want to be able to enlighten them on what’s going on behind these walls.


Unfortunately, Combs’ TikTok account has been taken down, but many will be keen to see more of his innovative cooking.

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    Burritos behind bars! Prisoner starts his own TikTok cooking show from his jail cell after creating a DIY grill with his metal bed and a hot plate