Professor Reveals Bizarre Life Hack To Trick Your Brain Into Being Happy

by : Daniel Richardson on : 29 Apr 2021 11:16
Professor Reveals Bizarre Life Hack To Trick Your Brain Into Being Happymaccraecray/TikTok

A strange hack for happiness revealed by a professor is being shared on TikTok with mixed results.

Unfortunately, we are not always happy, and getting ourselves out of a funk can prove quite difficult. To combat these feelings, a professor has proposed one way to trick your mood. TikToker Maccrae M. Walraven, also known as @maccraecray, has tested the unusual theory out and inspired a lot of other people to give the life hack a shot.


The unusual method requires people to put a pencil in their mouths while avoiding contact between their lips and the pen. The professor also recommends that people raise their eyebrows and then you will ‘create a facial expression that is sending signals to your brain that you are happy’.

Additionally, the professor notes that you should do this for 30 seconds while watching penguins falling on the ice to ensure a mood change. Safe to say, plenty of people are trying out the method.


Despite the hack being provided by Professor Doug Peterson, the chair of the Department of Psychology at the University of South Dakota, it seems that the method isn’t a guaranteed mood-changer. The video has more than 9.7 million views and more than 12,000 comments discussing the effectiveness of the hack. While some felt the benefits, but others were unconvinced.

Maccrae has since revealed whether his mood was affected. He commented that it worked ‘a little bit’ and went on to note that he was ‘still depressed and still sad’, but took some time to thank all of those who engaged with his video.

@maccraecrayReply to @entangledteen Don’t be fooled the shirt is from an airport♬ original sound – Maccrae M. Walraven


Others who tried the technique said that they accidentally found upsetting penguin videos and as a result, the technique didn’t work. With that said, there were a few comments that claimed that the hack cheered them up.

While the hack has had mixed results on the internet, the video and its response have clearly engaged people and lifted spirits. In this sense, the professor’s advice appears to have worked perfectly. However, if you are seriously trying to lift yourself out of a rut, it might be better to consult more conventional methods in addition to putting a pen in your mouth and searching for penguin videos.

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