Public Asked To Name Ferry And It’s Boaty McBoatface All Over Again

Facebook/Isle of White Council

We all remember what happened when the Great British public voted on the name for a Natural Environment Research Council boat in 2016, well now the people have the power all over again…

Terrible things may be happening all over the world – a crisis in Syria, political tyrants gaining too much power and widespread famine, but there’s one thing we can always rely on – the British humour.

You’d think the British council would have learnt their lesson after last year’s debacle, but it seems not…

We’ll admit, ‘Floating Bridge number 6’ isn’t the most exciting of names for our new state of the art, modern floating…

Posted by Isle of Wight Council on Friday, 24 March 2017

The opportunity to give the boat whatever name they liked was handed over to the public and boy did they choose a good one…

Boaty McBoatface was the name of choice as selected by the people and it was glorious.

However, it clearly wasn’t the one the council had in mind, so instead, they did the unspeakable, retracting their promise and renaming the boat their way…

It had been legally chosen, was what the people wanted and by rights, the new vessel should’ve been christened with the childishly brilliant name of Boaty McBoatface.

Sadly, it was not to be, and the council overrode the will of the people (hardly surprising) instead naming the boat after everyone’s honorary grandad – and national treasure – Sir David Attenborough.

Obviously forgetting their gross misjudgement of the British people’s ability to poke fun at authority and have a damn good laugh with it, the power has once again been passed to the people.

The Isle of White Council have now handed over the decision of naming their new boat to the people and odds on it having another bizarre name are already pretty high.

Following in the footsteps of  Gritty McGritterface and Footy McFootyface, Floaty McFloatface is already high on the naming agenda.

More than 3,000 votes have already been cast, which means there’s a strong chance Floaty McFloatface could come to fruition.

Giant Floater, The Floater, Floatwood Mac, Bryan Ferry, Ferry McFerryface and You Float my Boat are also on the list – any of which makes the grade in my humble opinion.

After the absolute farce of asking the people to name the boat, then deeming it an inappropriate name, let’s hope Floaty sticks this time.

A bit like Brexit, (controversial, I know) if the people want it, the people should get it…