Public Roast Guy’s Mugshot Because Of His Left Ear

Canterbury Police/Facebook

A mugshot of a wanted man has gone viral with the help of puns.

The photo of 29-year-old Lucas William Vincent was posted on Facebook by a New Zealand police force and more than 9,000 comments later, we have the most brutal comments seen on a post.

Some of the comments that got the most likes on the picture include ‘he‘s going to cop an ear full when his mother finds out about this’ and ‘Looks like those ‘drugs are bad’ warnings went in one ear and out the….. oh…’

Canterbury Police didn’t say why they wanted to arrest Vincent but their plea for information has no doubt helped as the post was shared almost 12,000 times.

The post has since been deleted, but here are some of the comments that sent the image viral.

The most savage comments were:

Darrin Sutton: “All these jokes about the dudes ear are extremely lobe blows.”

Paddy O’Donoghue: “I bet the ladies find him Earresistable.”

Jaynee Marie: “I’ll keep an ear out for you’s but from what I’ve heard he’s the type of guy who’s ear today gone tomorrow.”

Jordan Kilmurray: “Police are asking you to help piece together this puzzle of a wanted man , much to the efforts of our police force he still cant be located neither ear’ nor there.”

Ixia Schofield: “Earverybody needs to stear clear from this man as it earppears has has done something very earresponsible!”

Absolutely hilEARious.