Rachel Riley Destroys Troll Who Body-Shamed Her ‘Bizarre’ Knees

by : UNILAD on : 16 Mar 2018 18:54
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Rachel Riley isn’t here for your cheap shots. Not one iota. Maths? Yeah. Banter? Sure. But deng Twitter jibes? No, Rachel Riley is having absolutely none of it. And in style!


A troll thought he was the cock of the walk in a since-deleted tweet negatively commenting on Riley’s knees but what he didn’t realise is that he was stepping into the ring with someone who knows her times table like the back of her hand.

In other words: uh-oh!


Rachel responded:


I get these kind of messages every day. Sorry but your opinion of my knees is of little interest.

Guess you would never realise the volume of messages I and many other women get (maybe you might now) which can have a strange effect.

No harm, no foul.

Zing! Did somebody say MURKED? This was merely another day in the office for Riley, who has more pressing things to address, like the behaviour of her co-workers…

Recently she revealed what it’s like to be on 8 Out Of 10 Cats Does Countdown alongside hilarious stars such as Jimmy Carr, John Richardson, Sean Lock, Joe Wilkinson and of course Susie Dent.

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As you can probably imagine, if the show’s outtakes were ever revealed, all of their careers would be over in a heartbeat – which makes me personally respect all of them even more.

Speaking to The Mirror, Rachel said:

Each show takes three hours to record and is cut down to 45 minutes. So the stuff on the edit floor can be even ­funnier.

The lawyers have to be ­involved to make sure some of it doesn’t go out because it would end all of our careers.

As you can probably expect, after four hours of having a laugh, sometimes they just don’t want the fun to end – with the party frequently going all the way to Jimmy’s hot tub.

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Rachel explained:

Jimmy throws a good party ­regularly. He’s a really good host. I wouldn’t name names but there are certainly people who’ve done all-nighters there and then gone to work the next day.

I’m lucky that I haven’t often been working the next day, because you can end up at 4am in the hot tub – it has been known.

A few hangover cures are definitely needed after that.

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Oh and just in case you were wondering, all the shows’ panelists are as sound in real life as they appear on the show:

It’s brilliant working with them all. They’re really lovely guys.

And it’s nice to go to Jimmy’s and catch up off-screen. They’re just as funny in real life as they are on the show.

Personally I just can’t imagine how good a party is round Jimmy Carr’s. Even if it means getting in the hot tub with him and hairy Joe Wilkinson, I’d say it’s worth biting the bullet for.

One day.

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