Rachel Was Replaced In This Friends Episode And Nobody Noticed



It turns out everybody’s favourite American comedy show had a bit of a bad habit that nobody ever took note of.

Even after years and years of hidden easter eggs being discovered, outtakes going viral and fan theories running rife – people still have no idea that Rachel was once replaced in an episode.

During season 9 episode 15 ‘The One With The Mugging’, Jennifer Aniston (Rachel) was replaced with a stand-in, while her character was still in shot. And they didn’t even bother to change her clothes…



The minor error was spotted by super-fan Jordan D’Amico, after a binge watch. He said: “Only a few minutes into the episode, an enthusiastic Rachel rushes into Monica’s apartment to tell Joey that he got an audition with the famous and fictional actor, Leonard Hayes, played by Jeff Goldblum.

He continued: “The three friends admit to admiring the actor for his cell phone commercials in which he starred opposite a monkey. Monica zealously posits that perhaps the monkey will be at the audition. Joey reacts by saying, “Don’t make me more nervous than I already am!” and goes to sit back down. It’s at this point that… BAM!”



This isn’t the first time they’ve done it, either, as this scene with Phoebe and Monica proves…


But that’s not all! Who is the woman on her passport in the very last episode?!

You have some explaining to do, David Crane…