Racist Gets Comeuppance After Posting Video Of Sikh Man Online



A man who recorded a video of an elderly Sikh man asleep next to him on a plane with the caption ‘would you feel safe?’ has had his comeuppance after posting the video online.

The unknown racist put the video on YouTube under the name ‘sila kila’ and captioned the footage “flying with Bin Laden” – and it didn’t take long for plenty of people to jump to the unknowing man’s defence.

Comments started flying in, while the video quickly made its way onto websites such as Reddit and Imgur, and the majority of people who saw it were ready to condemn his actions…

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United Sikhs, an organisation that works to quell anti-Sikh hostility, is currently working to get the video removed from YouTube.

The sleeping man is Darshan Singh of California, and according to United Sikhs, Singh “recalls his Jetblue flight from New York to California in November as unremarkable. He didn’t exchange words with the man sitting next to him, and was surprised when he saw the video of himself online.”

The video has since been viewed 117,000 times and that view count is quickly rising…


Let’s hope it has the opposite effect on those who see it, and actually helps spread some positivity. There is no room for ignorance in 2016.