Rapper Pulls Out Fake Gun During Rap Battle, Instantly Regrets It

Screen Shot 2015-12-01 at 13.17.40Corey Charron, left

It’s been another strong year for the UK’s leading battle rap company, Don’t Flop Entertainment, but it’s their latest event in the States that is quickly racking up the headlines.

Not shy of going viral, the league, which is based out of London, has once again caused a stir online after one emcee took gimmicks to a whole new level – and got knocked the fuck out for it. Kind of.

The man in question, world-renowned freestyler Corey Charron, decided it would be wise to pull a toy gun out in his 2-on-2 battle alongside partner and fellow compatriot 100 Bulletz. It wasn’t wise.

The Canadian team were taking on American duo DNA and K-Shine – and K-Shine was in a pretty bad mood. After slapping the gun out of Charron’s hand, Charron decided to serve him one back, and slapped Shine’s hat off. Bad move, or was it? The resulting slap has since crowned Charron the most talked about emcee in the battling world – but mainly for the following image…

lolDaniel Mark Wright

No, it’s not real. The above image was actually photoshopped by London-based designer Daniel Mark Wright, and has since gone viral because, well, people are idiots.

According to Charron, the pair have since made up following the scuffle – but that still doesn’t make the whole situation any less hilarious. Here’s another angle, which shows the slap in all of its glory…

Battle rap is alive and well, folks.