Real Reason Rodrigo Alves Kicked Out Of CBB ‘Too Shocking To Air’

by : UNILAD on : 26 Aug 2018 16:57
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Celebrity Big Brother has booted ‘Human Ken Doll’ Rodrigo Alves from the house after an unknown incident.


The contestant had already garnered considerable controversy with his use of the n-word resulting in Ofcom receiving in surplus of 900 complaints.

The TV watchdog confirmed to Metro, 985 people complained about Alves’ awful language.

The 35-year-old left/got kicked out of the bungalow on Saturday morning after being given a ‘final warning’ for using racist language.

But it remains unclear what it was exactly that prompted Alves to walk/get kicked out.


He told The Sun:

The experience in the house was amazing but enough for me.

I was not coping very well to be without my mobile phone and not being in contact with my family and friends. After Natalie left, I felt very upset because she was the life and soul in the house and got very much misunderstood.

All I wanted out of the show was to have fun and to show to the UK that I’m a nice and fun person. I’m no longer interested in the show or anything to do with it. Simply because it wasn’t for me.

Despite this apparent confession, it would appear Alves was in fact asked to leave the show thanks to a series of racial slurs he made during his short stint in the house.

They were never going to get a cookie-cutter contestant in Alves, I suppose. Starting as he hoped to go on, Alves warned he’d sup nothing but champagne, Prosecco and cava in the house.

The 34-year-old, who’s said to have spent in surplus of £500,000 on 160 cosmetic procedures, claims he wanted people to see ‘the real him’. If that means ‘casual racist’, he did a good job.

Hoping Big Brother was fair on him, Alves even asked them to cater to his pricey organic diet.


Taking the idea of reinventing yourself to a whole new level, Alves has spent nearly half of his life transforming himself into the complete opposite of what he looked like before going under the knife.

Convinced he was born into the wrong body, he’s undergone numerous surgeries in his quest to achieve ‘perfection’.

Although Rodrigo sounds at peace and confident within his new body, he does admit there’s still work to do.

Reportedly using ‘the best plastic surgeons’ he could find around the world, Rodrigo has undergone 58 operations since 2000 and plans to have many more.

That’s fine by me. But stop using the n-word you f*cking idiot.

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