Republican Party Trolled After Making Embarrassing Typo In Tweet About Importance Of Education

by : Emily Brown on : 22 Mar 2021 12:36
Republican Party Trolled After Making Embarrassing Typo In Tweet About Importance Of EducationPixabay/GOP/Twitter

The Republican Party has been widely trolled after making a spelling mistake in a tweet highlighting the importance of education and the impacts of school closures. 

The GOP no doubt meant well when its national committee made the post on Sunday, March 21, as it attempted to show that it had students’ best interests at heart.


Referring to school closures prompted by the coronavirus pandemic, the committee wrote, ‘Keeping schools closed has DEVESTATING effects on the mental health, social and economic situation, and academic achievement of America’s children.’

While the importance of education was highlighted through the impacts mentioned in the tweet, the Republican Party accidentally drew even more attention to just how important good education is by misspelling the word ‘devastating’.

Obviously we all make mistakes every now and again, but the context of this particular typo, together with the fact that they capitalised the misspelled word, came together to create a particularly unfortunate situation for the GOP.


Twitter users were quick to pick up on the blunder, and rather than allow the party to get away with the typo, they decided to share it far and wide to draw attention to the irony of the post.

One person commented, ‘DEVASTATING not devestating pumpkin. Time to go back to school yourself. Wear a mask,’ while another responded, ‘Lack of education has had a devestating effect on the GOP’s ability to tweet in English.’

A third social media user wrote, ‘Looks like the GOP needs to go back to school. It’s “devastating,” not “devestating.”‘


As I’m sure most Twitter users know, the platform unfortunately does not have the option of editing tweets once they have been posted, meaning the GOP was left with three options.


It could have ignored the trolls and left its tweet as it was in the hope that people would focus more on the message it was actually trying to convey; responded to the tweet recognising the fault, or admitted defeat by deleting the tweet.

Though owning up to the blunder would have probably been the braver thing to do, it seems the national committee wanted to try and put an end to the trolls by choosing the third option and removing the post from its account.

Unfortunately for the party, however, screenshots had already been taken and the comments had already been made, meaning that it will now have to simply live with the knowledge that its mistake is out there. Devestating.


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