Restaurant Creates Perfect Menu To Deal With Stroppy Kids


Finally there’s a way to outsmart moody kids with their crossed arms and dribbley pouts.

When you’re in this restaurant, you can translate their mouthy phrases straight into meal choices, the Metro reports.

This deli has created a menu to make that dreaded question ‘what do you want to eat’ so much easier.


As they exercise their frowning muscles and blurt out phrases like ‘I don’t know’ and ‘I don’t care’, you can just thank them for their straightforward decision-making.

Reddit user nabced, a customer of the restaurant, posted the photo for many users to enjoy. One commented that most menus in the Netherlands follow a similar format for children.

I think the menu would make picky kids (of which I was once one) even more furious, because what kid who thinks they know everything like being outsmarted?

I remember when I first learned the word ‘patronise’…my parents were never the same again.