Rich Man Hilariously Mocked For ‘Ridiculous’ Smart Home

by : Cameron Frew on : 22 Jun 2021 11:40
Rich Man Hilariously Mocked For 'Ridiculous' Smart Homewhatsinside/TikTok

‘Hi, I’m a wealthy American, welcome to my outrageously automated crib.’ 

Ever since 2001: A Space Odyssey‘s HAL (and that Treehouse of Horror parody with Pierce Brosnan), smart homes have been seen as a futuristic goal. With the likes of Amazon Alexa and Google Home, we’re closer than we’ve ever been.


Universal remotes have been around for years, capable of controlling home theatre systems, lights and other appliances. However, this man’s giant house has smart technology for everything, from taps, to blinds, to the waterslide. Yes, the waterslide.


The TikTok was originally posted by @whatsinside, with a man taking viewers through his automated home like an episode of MTV Cribs. Using his phone, he commands his tap to pour exactly one cup of water. He then uses the app to open the living room shades, turn on the fireplace, open the garage and more.

It’s the 11 showerheads – yes, 11 – in the ‘master bathroom’ that’s attracted some attention online. ‘Why anyone would need 11 showerheads is beyond me,’ one user wrote. ‘For when you and the homies all need to take a shower at the same time,’ another replied.


Admittedly, some parts are cool. For example, he can use his phone to activate his Tesla Powerwalls to push the energy to the house. Others are just completely pointless, like having the piano play by itself like something out of Fallout: New Vegas.

It’s amassed millions of views across TikTok and Twitter. ‘Nothing to do with money or luxury, automation is so affordable. The self playing piano is nonsense though,’ one user wrote.


‘Now if he clicks one wrong link on a website now his piano playing, the door unlocked, garage open, sink measuring two cups of water, all the lights on and all the shower heads running,’ another wrote.

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