Ricky Gervais Is Selling His London Gaff And It’s NICE

Ricky Gervais Is Selling His London Gaff GoogleGoogle

Guess what? Ricky Gervais is selling his house in North London, and it’s amazing.

The Victorian four bed house in fashionable Hampstead Heath is set across four floors and, as well as the aforementioned bedrooms, includes a huge dressing room attached to the master bedroom, two reception rooms, a breakfast room, basement gym, golf drive and ozone swimming pool.

It doesn’t look much on the outside, but wait until you see inside:

rickygervais_lon22 Goldschmidt & HowlandGoldschmidt & Howland
rickygervais_lon32Goldschmidt & Howland
rickygervais_lon62Goldschmidt & Howland
rickygervais_lon72Goldschmidt & Howland
rickygervais_lon42Goldschmidt & Howland
rickygervais_lon52Goldschmidt & Howland
rickygervais_lon82Goldschmidt & Howland
rickygervais_lon92Goldschmidt & Howland
rickygervais_lon122Goldschmidt & Howland
rickygervais_lon102Goldschmidt & Howland
rickygervais_lon112Goldschmidt & Howland
rickygervais_lon142Goldschmidt & Howland
rickygervais_lon132Goldschmidt & Howland

Looks good. Unfortunately it comes in at a massive £7,750,000, so a little out of pretty much everyone’s price range.