Ronnie Pickering Is Back, Defending OAPs From Parking Warden By Swearing A Lot

by : UNILAD on : 06 Apr 2016 11:53
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Ronnie ‘Fucking’ Pickering is back again and this time, it’s personal. 


Last year’s viral hard man has now turned his attention from moped drivers to parking wardens and who can blame him really?

The footage shows him squaring up to a member of Park Watch staff outside a shopping centre, after they approached an elderly couple parking on double yellow lines.

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It comes only six months after Ronnie made himself a house-held name for his sweary ran at a moped rider- asking him, ‘do you know who I am?’


And it didn’t end there, oh no, the unstoppable Pickering express bulldozed through the internet for months afterwards.

He went on to appear at a nightclub in Coventry, and then auctioned his car on eBay (obviously) and could follow a Z list of ‘celebrities’ who enter Celebrity Big Brother.


Ronnie posted this latest rant on Facebook, racking up 60,000 views in the space of three hours.

A parking attendant is seen talking to the couple outside the North Point Shopping Centre, who have parked on double yellow lines outside its entrance.

However, they appear to show the parking warden a disability badge, before Ronnie steamrolls in. Calling the attendant a ‘muppet’, ‘divvy’ and ‘dickhead’- standard Ronnie behaviour.

warden 1warden 1Ronnie Pickering/Facebook

The attendant informs Ronnie that he was only warning the couple about their parking and not issuing them a ticket, but that didn’t stop him from hurling abuse at the attendant.


Eventually the Park Watch worker walks away from the situation, with Ronnie shouting ‘go get your fucking gang… you’re going to need more security than you fucking think’.

Don’t fuck with Ronnie Pickering, end of.

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