Rihanna’s Feet In Latest Instagram Have Everybody Asking The Same Thing

by : George Pavlou on : 05 Dec 2017 18:55

Rihanna is no stranger to a bit of publicity, we all know that.


While it’s usually her latest chart smash hit, who she’s dating or a new outlandish style she’s chosen to dress herself in, her publicity is almost always fully positive – and that isn’t about to change now.

Rihanna has managed to accumulate more than four million Instagram likes in about 24 hours because of a pair of socks. You read that correctly… a pair of socks.

Now, these aren’t your regular four pack of Marks and Spencer socks your mum picks up for you at Christmas, these are Gucci socks – because, why would RiRi wear anything less glamorous on her feet?


These socks aren’t just Gucci. They’re the kind of Gucci which costs an absolute bomb. $1340 to be precise.

The stockings are embellished with crystal beads, which spell out Gucci’s iconic ‘G’ logo.

She decided to wear them with a pair of white heels, a puffy coat and a black dress, but absolutely nobody was talking about anything other than her socks… Look at them:

These are a pretty insane pair of socks by anyone’s standards and prompted responses like, ‘You’re so f*cking rich’ and ‘werk it, those socks doe’ – this is how people speak on the Internet now don’t you know!

Not everyone was quite as enthusiastic though, with one commenter comparing her brave new look as something akin to socks and sandles.

She wrote:

What’s up with this sock with shoes business, sorry it’s not cute.


Well, that’s Rihanna told. We’ll expect her to be dressed like your grandma next time.

So, the question on everyone’s lips now they know what’s on her feet… a pair of socks can cost $1340?

Yeah, absolutely ridiculous that.

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