Ryan Reynolds And Samuel L. Jackson Are In A New Film Together


Ryan Reynolds and Samuel L. Jackson are teaming up in a brand new movie that looks like it may be one of the funnest films of the year. 

The Hitman’s Bodyguard sees Reyolds play a high profile bodyguard who’s forced to take on his nemesis, a hit-man, played by Samuel L. Jackson, as a client so they can defeat Gary Oldman’s vicious dictator.

Sounds a bit bonkers right? Well you don’t know the half of it…

Check out the trailer below…

Basically expect gags, guns and gratuitous explosions, basically the perfect movie for fans of Reynolds and Jackson and – let’s be honest – who’s not a fan of these two legends?

There’s even a cheeky nod to Sam Jackson’s fondness for a certain curse word, we’re not going to say what it is but we will say it’s two words, you can’t say it on TV and there’s probably a decent argument to be made that it’s basically Jackson’s catchphrase.


Joining the boys are an all-star cast including Elodie Yung, Joaquim De Almeida, Kirsty Mitchell, and Richard E. Grant.

The Hitman’s Bodyguard smashes into theatres on August 18.