Ryan Reynolds Gets Roasted By Twin Brother In An Interview

by : UNILAD on : 14 Nov 2016 17:02
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What could be better than one Ryan Reynolds in an interview?


That’s right, GQ ingeniously got the Deadpool star’s ‘twin brother’ to roast him in a way that only a jealous sibling can.

According to the men’s lifestyle magazine, Ryan likes to keep his identical sibling Gordon hidden from the world, that’s why we haven’t heard of him before…double the Ryan, half the attention right?

Watch for yourself, it’s hilarious…


He’s such a beautiful man with a stunning family and fierce humour…we knew he had to have a bad side.

The interview, which took place at Gramercy Park Hotel in New York City, begins by Gordon calling Reynold’s wife Blake Lively a beard.

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It goes down hill from there really, as Sour Gordon goes on to blurt out ‘why are you such a cunt?’ twice in the short interview.

Hilariously, after his bro congratulates him for winning GQ’s Man of the Year and says there wasn’t anyone who deserves it more, the camera pans around to Jake Gyllenhaal who’s holding the microphone.

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No one can beat him on Twitter, his tweets about his daughter have me crying.

My next project is to get three Ryan Reynolds on a screen.

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    Watch Ryan Reynolds of Deadpool Get Roasted by His Twin Brother, Gordon