Ryan Reynolds Perfectly Trolls Blake Lively After She Posts Instagram Picture With A Naked Man

by : Julia Banim on : 29 Sep 2018 11:06
Blake Lively A Simple Favour.Blake Lively A Simple Favour.Lionsgate/TimPalen

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively have once again proved how trolling one another is an integral part of any long-term relationship.


The witty couple have had their fans howling with their exchange over a risqué pic Blake had uploaded to her Instagram.

As part of a themed shoot for her new movie A Simple Favor, Blake posed in a power suit; fastened navy blazer, white collared shirt and a tie flung over her shoulder.

Lying on the kitchen work surface before her was Thomas ‘The Boxer’ Canestraro; a two-time Kickboxing World Champion-turned-model.

Completely in the nuddy pants, Thomas could be seen holding up a martini; his legs spread apart in a V shape while Blake wraps her hands around his knees.


31-year-old Blake captioned the raunchy photo: ‘My turn…’, totally channeling the fashion forward, martini sipping character of Emily she plays in the mystery thriller.

And – just like clockwork – her husband Ryan was ready to bring the hilarity, dryly commenting: ‘He seems nice’.

Fans loved the 41-year-old Deadpool actor’s deliberate daft response to the sight on his wife posing with a naked male model, describing them as being ‘too funny’ and epitomising the phrase ‘couple goals’.

One woman remarked to a pal:

This is the sort of support we want from a boyfriend lol.. Justifies why Ryan Reynolds is #goals (and Blake cos seriously she seems to have the best wardrobe and is hilarious) [sic]

Another person chortled:


The banter you guys have on social media gives me life. I’m always looking for your comments on each other’s posts.

If your kids have all your genes, they have no choice but to have a career in comedy. For Realz. [sic]

Directed by Paul Feig (Bridesmaids), stylish and twisty thriller A Simple Favor sashayed into UK cinemas on 20 September 2018.

Compared favourably to clever ‘whodunnit’ hit Gone Girl, this ‘suburban noir’ follows widowed mummy blogger Stephanie Smothers (Anna Kendrick) as she strives to get to the bottom of the disappearance of her best friend, PR director, Emily Nelson (Blake Lively).

Speaking with Elle at the world premiere of A Simple Favor in New York, Blake spoke about getting into the character of Emily:

I just uncovered everything I’ve ever repressed in my life and was there [in Emily’s headspace],

I don’t drink, I don’t really swear, I’m a little uncomfortable in my own skin and self deprecating but Emily is just so in her skin and so confident and so unapologetic and a little villainous, and she’s a bit of a wild child, and that was fun.

Blake also reportedly gave a nod to her cheeky husband and his gin company – Aviation Gin – in the movie. Her character Emily loves necking gin martinis, and a bottle of Aviation Gin can be seen in multiple shots during the film.

Feig told Cosmopolitan:

At the time, I was trying to clear another gin, and Blake’s like, ‘Hey! Ryan’s got this gin that he really likes!’ She really liked the company and everybody involved.

And I wouldn’t have done it if I didn’t like the look of it on the screen, but I really thought the bottle looked fantastic. So I, honestly, didn’t even realize the level of involvement that [Ryan] had in it, but I think it’s great, because it’s a really good gin!

I for one can’t wait to hear more of Ryan’s responses to his wife’s heavy drinking alter-ego. Let the banter be-gin…


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