Ryan Reynolds Shuts Down Blake Lively Split Rumours In One Epic Tweet

by : UNILAD on : 04 Apr 2018 12:40

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively are the funniest couple in Hollywood, constantly bantering with each other.


In our opinion they’re the perfect pair, and we hope and pray their love is enduring, as they are just too cute together!

However, recently the couple have been plagued with divorce rumours – gossip magazines and tabloids can’t get enough of suggesting they’re going to split.


As reported by The International Business Times, a source close to the pair told OK! magazine they are heading towards a divorce.


The insider said:

The past few years, Ryan’s been working out of town while Blake stays home with the kids. The distance between them has taken its toll.

But while the source added Reynolds and Lively are struggling ‘to find quality time together’ because of their work schedule, IB Times debunked the claims by using fact-checking website Gossip Cop.

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However, of course, the website ran this story with the headline ‘Deadpool‘s Ryan Reynolds and wife Blake Lively struggling to spend ‘quality time?’ despite knowing there was no drama going on.

Reynolds himself then decided to shut down the rumours on Twitter taking aim at the IB Times highlighting their hypocrisy.

Sharing their article, he simply wrote:

I wish. I could use a little “me time”.


You would hope this epic tweet would have been enough to put a stop to the fake news but because of the world we live in, unfortunately it looks like Reynolds and Lively won’t be escaping from the false claims anytime soon.

Earlier today (April 4) the Deadpool actor responded on Twitter to yet another article which referenced the rumours hoping to get clicks.

Yahoo! Entertainment tweeted a link to a story of theirs about Reynolds attending the red carpet premiere of upcoming horror film A Quiet Place with Lively and his mum.

[ooyala player_id=”5df2ff5a35d24237905833bd032cd5d8″ width=”undefined” height=”undefined” pcode=”twa2oyOnjiGwU8-cvdRQbrVTiR2l” code=”F5bGd2ZTE60CE64fW52Nc-a5VEs4cDsM”]

Although the story only briefly mentions the divorce rumours, the tweet read:

Ryan Reynolds joins Blake Lively and his mom on red carpet after shutting down split rumours.

Clearly sick of having to defend his marriage, Reynolds decided to call Yahoo! out on Twitter by replying to their tweet.

He hilariously wrote:

We’re never splitting. She’ll always be my mom. No matter how much jazz-cabbage she smokes with her rollerblading friends.

Just brilliant! Please never change!


We clearly weren’t the only ones to be left in fits of giggles at his response as, at time of writing, his tweet has received over 10,000 retweets and 99,000 likes.

Fans were quick to applaud the actor on the social media site:

Reynolds can next be seen on the big screen putting on that red Deadpool suit again for the highly anticipated sequel.

We can’t wait to see what the wise-cracking and sarcastic anti-hero gets up to when he meets Josh Brolin’s badass solider sent from the future, Cable.

It’s going to be epic!

Deadpool 2 crashes its way into UK cinemas May 16 and US theatres May 18

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    Deadpool's Ryan Reynolds and wife Blake Lively struggling to spend 'quality time'?