Sale Of The ‘AK-47 Fiver’ Totally Backfires


An eBay seller who thought he’d struck gold when he found a brand new £5 note marked ‘AK-47’ has been left empty handed after an £80,100 bid turned out to be fake. 

Gareth Wright was propelled to internet stardom after an ad he posted for one of the new plastic fivers marked with the serial number ‘AK-47’ went viral.

The auction soon began to attract massive bids, eventually selling for a staggering £80,100. Unfortunately for Gareth someone’s been writing cheques they can’t cash.


Speaking to The Sun Gareth admitted that the buyer had never actually paid up instead explaining ‘waiting for a shipment of cocaine to come in’.

Poor Gareth went on to say: 

I’m finding it very childish, especially coming from a grown man.


Gareth’s hopes of buying his mum’s house and then travelling to South America have been dashed.

eBay explained they do their best to  stop ‘ unhelpful bidding activity”and that all bids are binding contracts but the site is under no obligation to ensure sellers get paid.