Samsung Ruins Guy Who Made Dick Pic Joke On Twitter


Throughout history millions of people have been put in their place by their superior.

It took Knut Hamsun an hour to humiliate Henrik Ibsen, it took Tupac the full five minutes of Hit ‘Em Up to obliterate almost every east coast rapper of the 90s.

But Samsung? Hell, for these cruel motherfuckers it only takes them one emoji. One well thought out beautiful emoji which may just be the put down of all put downs. The masterstroke of all trash talk.

So allow me to set the scene.

Last Friday, Samsung Mobile US posted a tweet to their 5.3 million Twitter followers, asking Samsung Galaxy S8 owners to send on the first picture they took with their new smartphone.

As with all things on the Internet the post was met by a fuck-tonne of piss taking comments, but the mother of all of was made by one guy by the name of Edward.

Edward thought it would be so hilarious if he told the world of Twitter that the first picture he took with his S8 was a dick pic, fortunately he didn’t share the phallic photograph.

But out of absolutely nowhere, Samsung hit back with this. 

Shots fired.

And unsurprisingly the put down led to many Twitter users to contemplate the big move to Samsung.

Well played Samsung, well played.