San Francisco Sex Addict Is Suing Twitch For $25 Million For Hosting Too Many ‘Scantily Clad’ Players


San Francisco Sex Addict Is Suing Twitch For $25 Million For Hosting Too Many 'Scantily Clad' Playersloserfruit/Instagram/pink_sparkles/Twitch

A sex addict is suing Twitch for $25 million, claiming there are too many ‘scantily clad’ female players on the gaming platform.

Erik Estavillo, from San Francisco, has claimed these players have caused him to masturbate to such extremes that he has ended up hurting his penis.


According to the complaint, filed in the County of Santa Clara’s Superior Court on June 15, Estavillo is following 786 of the female gamers but ‘zero male streamers’, with the list of women continuing to expand on account of him apparently having very limited control over his sex addiction.


As per the lawsuit, which claims Twitch is further exacerbating Estavillo’s sex addiction, leaves him ‘exposed to all genders’ while searching streams:

There is no way for the plaintiff to filter streams he’d like to watch based on gender, male or female, therefore the plaintiff has to choose a game and/or category to watch, with thumbnails showing these scantily clad women, alongside men, of being the only streaming channels available to him.


On top of damages, Estavillo has requested the court issue an immediate, permanent ban on various female streamers, including Australian YouTuber Loserfruit, Pink_Sparkles, MizzyRose and SashaGray.

Somewhat bizarrely, Estavillo has tried to bring actor Winona Ryder into proceedings, as well as Martin Lee Gore from English electronic band Depeche Mode.

The suit suggests that Ryder could help back up his claims by explaining ‘the significance of alienation in Catcher in the Rye [sic]’, whilst Gore ‘has been known to be sad, lonely, and alienated as can be seen in the songs he writes’.


The complaint proceeds to detail how Estavillo caused himself injury while using an electrical, vibrating Fleshlight sex toy to masturbate while watching the female streamers.

As a result of this, Estavillo found himself ‘chaffing his penis every day with the device’, which led to redness and mild infection. In order to avoid ‘necrosis’, Estavillo had reportedly no choice but to use an antibiotic ointment.

Furthermore, Estavillo claimed to have suffered bloodshot eyes on account of staying up for hours gazing at female gamers. He has claimed he also once ended up ejaculating onto his computer monitor, which led to it short circuiting and sparking a fire which left his apartment in a blackout.


As per Kotaku, Estavillo has previously attempted to sue Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony twice, without success.

Speaking with Endgadget in 2010, Estavillo – who has been dubbed the ‘Professional/PSN Plaintiff’ – explained his reasoning:

What I wanted to do was exploit the weakness of each console and show that they’re not impervious to flaws… each console has a flaw and they should fix it.

A spokesperson for Twitch, which is a subsidiary of Amazon, has dismissed this latest legal action as being ‘frivolous’, describing Estavillo’s case as having ‘absolutely no merit’.


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