Scarlett Johansson Invites Woman Who Looked Just Like Her In 1967 To Film Premiere

by : UNILAD on : 27 Mar 2017 17:55

Actress Scarlett Johansson invited this man’s grandmother, who looked exactly like her when she was younger to her film premiere and it’s all kinds of adorable. 

Getting an invitation from the hugely famous Scarlett Johansson would be anybody’s dream right? And it seems most people would kill for this sort of thing, but this is exactly what happened to this man’s grandma of all people.


This woman is extremely lucky though, because the reason why she got her highly sought after invite in the first place, was because she looks the spitting image of the star back in 1967.

Now I have no idea how this whole bizarre came about or how Scarlett became aware of Geraldine in the first instance, that bit isn’t clear, but it’s the invitation which counts and it’s just wonderful in every way.


Denver Dodd, from Fort Smith shared a photo of his grandmother in the 60s – who looks scarily like the actress herself don’t you agree – to Reddit and the next thing he knew, ‘grandma Geraldine’ had a premier invitation.

Not only did she invite his grandma personally, she also did it in a video message, exclaiming how she thought her and ‘grandma Geraldine’ look really similar and how she’d love to see her ‘drunk face.’

YouTube/Denver Dodd

Then in the next breath, Scarlett goes onto invite the 72-year-old to her film, Rough Night and basically makes out they’re best buddies, by saying they’re both ‘just a bunch of partying girls.’


Over the moon by the crazy outcome, Denver shared the footage of actual Scarlett, inviting his very own Grandma to her film premier yesterday and obviously it went quickly viral.

The whole proposal took just nine days to come into fruition, which is pretty impressive going considering how unlikely it is for Scarlett to be checking out viral trends.

‘Grandma Geraldine’ is one hell of a lucky woman to not only look like the actress but also to be invited to party with her.


Now that doesn’t happen everyday does it?

Clearly Scarlett is a fan of Reddit, so perhaps we can expect an invitation next time? Maybe?

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