Schoolgirl Pretends To Be Possessed To Get Out Of Exam

by : Cameron Frew on : 17 Oct 2020 16:50
Schoolgirl Pretends To Be Possessed To Get Out Of Examdijonaay/TikTok

In a bid to get sent home from school to avoid a test, a schoolgirl pretended to be possessed. It didn’t go well. 

We’ve all faced the pre-test fear. You’re sitting there, eyes hanging heavy in your cereal, willing yourself to get out the door and go to school as you await certain failure.


Faking an illness to get a day off is incredibly common, but one girl decided to take it one step further: she acted like she was possessed, only it went spectacularly wrong in a way she didn’t expect.

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TikTok user Khadija (@dijonaay) recounted the disastrous tale across two separate videos – it’ll make anyone think twice about pulling a sicky.

In videos layered with a distorting filter, she wrote, ‘I went to Muslim school and one time the girls in the grade above me pretended to be possessed by jinns and got sent home.’

Jinns are supernatural spirits below the level of angels and devils, capable of assuming human and animal form and possessing people. ‘I had a bunch of homework due the next day and a test I didn’t study for so I got an idea,’ she wrote.

TikTok dijonaay 2dijonaay/TikTok

‘Instead of getting [her] ass whooped’, Khadija decided to try out the act herself. She thought it was a brilliant plan and she’d be home by noon the next day. However, little did she know ‘the teachers and headmaster set a plan in motion for the next time something similar happened and they got exorcism plans in place’.

When her teacher came in, she started ‘yelling and beating’ on her desk while screaming gibberish words and saying there’s no God and ‘Sheitan is the best’. As classmates feared she was possessed, the exorcism began.

Check out part two of the story below: 


Khadija continued, ‘The teacher puts into motion the exorcism plan and drags me to the prayer area.’ Three men eventually came in with cane sticks, but she held her ground, believing it’d be better to maintain the act.

As they read the Quran, enquiring from Khadija why the jinn had possessed her, they also hit her with the sticks. ‘That shit hurted,’ she wrote. After ‘four whoopings’, she gave it up and pleaded it was her – but they didn’t believe her.

TikTok dijonaaydijonaay/TikTok

After telling them she’d seen the earlier girls fake it, they eventually stopped. One of the teachers even laughed and sent her back to class, despite Khadija asking if she could be sent home.

By the end of the ordeal, she got 41% on the test, had to confess to her parents what happened and became the ‘class clown’.

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