School Kid’s Hilarious Boris Johnson Confusion Has Everyone Crying

by : Rhiannon Ingle on : 18 Sep 2021 10:41
School Kid's Hilarious Boris Johnson Confusion Has Everyone CryingSky

A school kid has got the Prime Minister hilariously confused with someone else entirely, leaving the internet in stitches.

This week, Russell Howard’s Playground Politics finally returns and in one episode a boy completely mistakes the identity of Boris Johnson in a hilarious blunder.


The short clip, shared by the 41-year-old comedian on his Instagram, starts with Howard asking the two schoolboys ‘How do you think Boris Johnson‘s done?’

The boy on the left begins to detail the Prime Minister’s actions surrounding coronavirus while the second one on the right adds, ‘Yeah because, I mean, he is really strong’ and goes on to say, ‘he does eat like a hundred pancakes in the morning.’

Surprised by the odd response, Howard then replies, ‘I’ve not heard this. Where have you heard this, that Boris has been eating a hundred pancakes?’

School Kid's Hilarious Boris Johnson Confusion Has Everyone Crying (Alamy)Alamy

The comedian then asks, ‘What does he do next?’ to which the school kid casually replies, ‘I guess he just has a big drink.’

The audience burst into laughter and Howard continues questioning the boy, ‘What’s he drinking? What’s he washing those pancakes down with?’

The school kid on the right responds with, ‘water’ while the other one blurts out ‘wine.’

The boy on the right asks Howard, ‘Why would you drink wine in the morning?’ to which Howard replies, ‘Well, he might do, he’s got the look.’


The 41-year-old continues with, ‘and because he’s got an iron stomach, he might start drinking wine at like 11.’

The boy, now reclining back on his chair with his hands behind his head says, ‘Yeah, because he has made a lot of good movies like Jumanji or…’

His friend then cuts him off before he can list any more films, asking him ‘What?’ and looking very puzzled. ‘Since when has Boris Johnson ever been in Jumanji?’


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The audience burst into laughter again and the camera pans to a very confused looking Howard.

The boy replies to his friend, ‘He was in the movie,’ before Howard finally understands the hilarious identity mix-up.

‘Hang on a minute,’ he says, ‘I’ve figured out what’s happened here.’ The background laughing continues and the comedian realises, ‘this makes complete sense now.’

School Kid's Hilarious Boris Johnson Confusion Has Everyone Crying (Alamy)Alamy

‘Dwayne Johnson, The Rock, HE eats a hundred pancakes,’ Howard explains, as the boy on the right rubs his eyes and looks down in embarrassment at the hilarious confusion between the American actor and the British Prime Minister.

‘You’ve confused Boris Johnson with Dwayne Johnson,’ he says as the audience start clapping and the two boys burst into hysterics.

‘Which is a brilliant thing to have done,’ adds Russell Howard as he ends the Playground Politics clip.

Followers of Howard shared their reactions to the hilarious mistake. ‘Hands up who’d prefer The Rock as PM’ said one, while another commented, ‘children are the best comedians’. Meanwhile, another user admitted, ‘that’s made my day.’

It’s an easy mix-up, right?

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