Scientist Debunks Vaccine Misinformation In Hilarious Viral Video

by : Cameron Frew on : 11 Aug 2021 17:54
Scientist Debunks Vaccine Misinformation In Hilarious Viral Video@scitimewithtracy/TikTok

A professor has been praised online for frankly debunking COVID-19 and vaccine misinformation.

Professor Tracy (@scitimewithtracy), a retired college professor with a PhD in microbiology and immunology, has racked up millions of views and hundreds of thousands of followers on TikTok for her videos breaking down anti-vaxxers’ misleading claims about the pandemic.


One series of clips made its way to Twitter recently, featuring the professor’s corrections on ‘Starseed Teacher’ offering ‘tools’ to combat people asking why you wouldn’t want to get the vaccine.

The user starts off by saying the mRNA they’re using in vaccines is synthetic, which the professor confirms as true. ‘This is the first time they’ve ever done that in human history. Number two, because it is completely synthetic, normally your body would immediately attack it and eradicate it,’ they say. ‘Your body doesn’t care if it’s synthetic… it just wants to destroy foreign things,’ she responds.


They go on to make incorrect claims about the role of DNA, how long bodies take to break down mRNA (which is two weeks), how long it’ll store mRNA for (your body will completely destroy it), lying about inflammation ‘in your brain and spine’ and losing control of your body and which cells can create antibodies (it’s B cells, by the way).

It should be noted that Starseed Teacher claims to be an ‘intuitive psychic’ and ‘multi-dimensional being from varying galaxies sent to earth with the knowledge and wisdom of the upper reality.’


‘Please consider taking down this video. It has a lot of misinformation in it,’ the professor wrote.

In other videos, she’s spoken about people using ‘the world’s entire population as a denominator’ in working out the likelihood of dying from COVID-19, and why that’s unwise, as well as responding to followers’ concerns about whether or not they have the virus and debunking other videos.


Most notably, she’s debunked a video from Dan Stock, someone claiming to be ‘specially trained’ in immunology and inflammation regulation, who said everything being recommended by the CDC is ‘contrary to the rules of science’, going on to share misleading claims about masks and people ‘becoming deranged.’

‘It’s not like he has an opinion and I have a different opinion, most of what he was saying was counter-factual, not backed up by data at all. In fact, we have data that directly refutes what he says. I don’t know why he’s spewing misinformation… if you really want to understand what is and isn’t happening in the world today, you need to figure out why people are saying what they’re saying,’ she explained.

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