Seagull Spotted Hitching A Ride On Another Seagull In Once In A Lifetime Footage

by : Mike Williams on : 24 Apr 2021 13:02

We’ve seen some strange things in our time but have you ever seen anything quite like one seagull stood on top of another seagull mid-flight?

Well, that’s what one Twitter user shared in an amazing video earlier today.


@buitengebieden_ posted the nine-second clip of what appears to be one seagull taking a breather on the back of his mate while his mate was flying to their 308,000 followers and has been shared almost 3,000 times already, with 11,000 likes.

The tired bird, having caught its breath, then casually flew off, as if nothing had happened.

Watch the amazing, if not short, clip below:


The accompanying caption of ‘No way’ sums up the scene perfectly.

People then started to share similar photos of piggybacking creatures, such as this:

And one even shared a pic of humans getting in on the act:


The hundreds of replies were a mix of bemusement and amazement.

How and why did this happen? Were they mates? Is this normal behaviour for seagulls, or indeed any animal or bird, to do in the wild?

It’s unclear whether these sort of stacking antics are considered fair play amongst the bird community, but in 2016 a similar image was snapped in Sydney, Australia, where one seagull was simply perched on top of another, without a shred of an explanation as to why.


A piece in Mashable on the unique snap asked a principal research scientist in terrestrial research at the Australian Museum, Richard Major, about it.

‘They don’t look too enthusiastic, but it’s hard to tell what happens next from a still. It is most likely to be a preliminary to copulation or an attempt at such,’ he said.

Maybe these two were in need of some… afternoon deflight.


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